Programming Language

Java is everywhere; this course teaches you world’s most popular language. Java SE is Standard Edition which makes you capable to develop console and desktop based GUI applications. This course is also necessary if you wish to learn further more in JAVA like JAVA EE, Android, etc.Java technology is both a programming language and a selection of specialized platforms and it standardizes the development and deployment of the kind of secure, portable, reliable, and scalable applications required by the networked economy. Java, which is a widely used, extensible programming platform, makes the development of personalized applications and content much easier.

This language also opens the door for various verticals like mobile applications, desktop applications, web applications, cloud computing, embedded systems, etc


  • Introduction to JAVA, Installation and setup
  • Constant, Variable, Keywords
  • Data type Operators,Type Conversion and Type Casting
  • Exploring First Program, Control Statement
  • Command line arguments, Arrays
  • Classes and Objects, Access Modifiers
  • Wrapper Classes, Constructors
  • Overloading, this, static, final, packages
  • Scanner class, Inheritance, super, Overriding
  • Interface, Abstract class, Run time polymorphism
  • Object class, String, StringBuffer, Exception Handling
  • Threading, File Handling, GUI, Applet, Swing, JDBC


Programming Language

A course designed to train you the intricacies of web development. After doing this course you will be able to develop web app using industry recognized best practices as well as integrate scalability. In this course you will also learn HTML, CSS and Javascript and the most fascinating AJAX.

You will be equipped with knowledge that is required to develop web applications. Knowledge of JAVA EE will make you more employable.


  • Introduction to JAVA EE
  • Client Server Architecture, Database Programming through JAVA
  • Database Drivers, sql package
  • Exploring JDBC to access database,
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ajax and JQuery
  • , Web Container and Web Application,
  • Servlet, Deployment descriptor
  • Web Container and Web Application
  • Servlet, Deployment descriptor
  • Session, JSP basics, MVC architecture

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