Programming Language

Course content covers web application development ingredients. One can experience professional art of arrangement of various web components using ASP.NETMicrosoft is famous among programmers to provide ease of programming.

ASP.Net opens the door for creation of web application development.


  • Introduction, Namespaces
  • Difference between Web and HTML controls
  • GET and POST, ASP server control
  • Collecting data using HTML forms
  • Server side processing in ASP.NET
  • Code behind vs, In Page Coding
  • Using HTML server controls, Web Controls
  • Session Tracking, Understanding Application State
  • Session Events, Master Pages, Themes,
  • ADO.NET, Custom ASP Server Controls
  • Security issues and its solutions
  • Debugging and Error Handling
  • Creating and consuming web services.


Programming Language

Course intent is to teach world’s best framework and give hands on experience on market’s another popular programming language. Course covers console application development as well as desktop application development.

Microsoft is famous among programmers to provide ease of programming. Programmers just love .NET framework. Though it doesn’t come for free, there are lot many users of C#.Net because of its distinctive features and ease of programming experience.


  • Introduction, C# Language Fundamentals
  • Classes and Objects, Constructors
  • Database Drivers, sql package
  • Constructors, Inheritance and Polymorphism
  • casting, structure, enumeration
  • Garbage collection, nested classes,
  • Abstract class, Interfaces
  • Array Collection, String
  • Exception Handling, Delegates, Events
  • Winforms, window application, Menus
  • controls, Dialog Boxes, Date picker
  •, File System, streams,Multithreading

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